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Marketing strategies and tactics

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

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We know that having a good marketing strategy is important – it is a key part of business that helps you increase your sales and grow your business. But unfortunately many business owners still think that they don’t need one. Or, they do not know how to make their own marketing strategy.

In your business, your marketing is your lifeblood. Without marketing, your people wouldn’t know where you are and what product or service your offering them. It is so important that you need a strategy.

A good marketing strategy includes advertising, internet marketing, branding, promotion, and public relations – act to form the basis for the business’s main mission and goals. Without a strategy to accomplish its goals, the company will flounder in the market place, chasing one goal after another with no set process for improvement. So the importance of the marketing strategy cannot be overstated. Having a direction in your marketing is essential for success.

Though it is assumed that large businesses need to have marketing strategies that focus their energies on creating profit, the small business is especially in need of a goal. Many small businesses fail because of a lack of vision or a belief that if they just put their product or service out on the open market, customers will stream in. In reality, the tighter the budget, the more critical the plan is to maximise the limited resources available.

So if you want to become successful, you should have your own marketing strategy. Read more at:

11 Business Ideas for Food Lovers

Friday, March 17th, 2017

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Do you love cooking? Do you love to eat? Or do you just loving food? If are looking for business ideas and you really love food, then why not start a food business?

Many people who think about starting their own business gravitate toward the food business because, all other considerations aside, people need to eat. In business, there is no better way to make a success than giving the people what they want.

Furthermore, many would-be entrepreneurs gravitate toward food franchise instead even if starting this type of business from scratch can be costly and demands effort. Choosing to buy a franchise generally requires less of a financial investment, and has a brand name associated with them so the likelihood of success is greater.

However, if you really consider you start your own food brand, the first step you need to take is to decide which food you’re going to sell. If you don’t have a specific preference, it only makes sense to invest in whatever’s most profitable. Profitability is, of course, hard to predict for any business venture. But one sure way to get off on the right start is to choose a food business that’s popular or what you think your local customers will love.

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PODCAST: The art of finding, hiring, and leading great people

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

The way you hire your employees can be a great key in your company’s success. It is both a science and an art. You can do everything right and still get the wrong person in the job; but if you do everything right up to the point of hiring, you significantly increase your chances of making an effective hiring decision.

One of the most important parts of your job as an entrepreneur is being able to hire the right people for your small business. If you can hire the right people, with the right attitude, you have done than most, if not entirely, of your job right. Hiring the right person for the job may be the most important thing a manager can do to ensure a productive and effective workplace.

Managing your business is much easier if you hire the right people for the jobs you need. We all have seen some poor managers who have very effective teams because they knew how to hire the right people.

Before you hire someone for a certain position, you should first determine the position that you exactly need. And before you begin sifting through the resumes of potential employees, you will want to have a clear idea of what you need in the position. What skills and characteristics do you need the new employee to possess? Your needs include both qualifications and less quantifiable skills that you will need to access.

Learn more about the art of hiring great employees from this article from Business Insider:

11 Apps That Will Save Precious Time For Small Business Owners

Monday, February 1st, 2016

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A good entrepreneur should know how to innovate, introduce new technology, increase efficiency, productivity or generate new products and services. More importantly, a good businessman should know how to manage his or her time, even though time management is one of the most difficult tasks to do.

Most of small businessmen like us wish we had 25 hours, or more, every day of that we can fit our “to do’s” and things to do. However, it is actually very possible to get MORE done in LESS TIME when you focus on being effective or simply prioritising those “to do’s” instead of cramming them in this elusive thing we call “Time.”

For entrepreneurs, managing our time properly is all about focusing on developing effective goal setting skills in order to make the most of the time that is available to us (24 hours every day). To do this, you need to have the focus, clarity and purposefulness to know what activities I should prioritise in order to help me move forward in reaching my business and time management goals.

Thankfully, there are a zillion apps out there that can help entrepreneurs streamline their business operations. Check out this article from Huffington Post and know the 11 apps you can use so that you can save some time when running your own business: